Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Office Redo

There is someone I would like to introduce you to. I am very priviledge to know Darleta Gramm, the director of the Caring Pregnancy Center, Pontiac, IL. I have known "Doll" all of my life and her daughter was one of my very best friends growing up. Doll is a no-nonsense type of gal that still has tons of fun in life. She has done some amazing things for the Lord, many of which I am sure most people will never know about. She does have one flaw though. :) She is NOT into decor. When I say NOT, it doesn't even begin to describe the depths of it. When I saw the pictures of her office at the CPC, I recruited Becky Romersberger who is AMAZING at effortlessly throwing stuff together and making it look GREAT!! Huge shout out to Becks for taking TONS of time to help out with this!

The before...I think she may have stolen that table from our house in 1980! :)
Yes folks, she counsels ladies in this space. She NEEDED an update!!

I have another friend that has done great things with the Lord's help named Jami Kaeb. Her work with agencies around the area inspired this project. Check out her organization call the Forgotten Initiative!/forgotteninitiative or on her blog

Doll had everything cleared out for us and ready to go!

Border BE GONE!!

Curtains ARE OUT OF HERE!!

Doll's ONLY request was lilac colored paint. It turned out warm and cozy!

Bad pic but we found the saying "Every child is a story yet to be told" and put it on a mirror. It became a focal point of the room!

Yes, Becky made the curtain and the little pillow for the chair. She is crazy talented.

God was so good to us in this project. Everything went together so easily and we found some amazing deals!! God is GOOD!

We have an amazing yellow tall pottery thing that goes on the top shelf that will be coming. It has a run in with Reese that morning so it will be replaced soon! :) Love the chair!!! It was ordered one day at 12:00pm and arrived the next morning at 8:30!! Isn't it stunning!

Doll in her new office! After being one of the worst rooms at the CPC, it is now by far the most stylish!!

SOOOOOO...there are 2 more rooms that could use a LOT of help! They have a counseling room were tons of girls come through that needs some updating and a reception area that is equally as lovely! :0) We are going to be recruiting workers and donations if anyone is interested. I am also having a "baby shower" in the near future to collect supplies that they give the new moms. I will soon be begging for donations!!

Thank you Doll for all your labors of love and giving of yourself in this area. It was truly a pleasure to give you a little blessing AND update!!


  1. That looks great! I have some baby stuff for your shower. A travel system (car seat/stroller), a baby swing, and a bouncy seat. Can you use those?