Monday, September 27, 2010


This a tribute to Pops, the best crawdad around. He passed quietly in his tank around 3pm on Friday, September 24th, 2010. He was loved by all who knew him and will be missed dearly.

Graham was simply devastated. He held it together well for a while and then cried and then just sat around depressed. He cried during nightly prayers and then later we heard him sobbing in his room. He said he just couldn't stand to sleep in there with the empty tank. He ended up in a sleeping bag in our room and things looked slightly brighter in the morning. He made this tombstone for him. (Notice it says "paps" not pops! :) )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The first day of school, Reese was convinced that she could go. When the kids left for school, Reese said, "I am five, I go to school" I said, "You are not five and you cannot go to school" She said, "fine...then I go to preschool" Unfortunately, you are not even old enough for preschool yet! Poor girl. She has a long wait ahead!!

Grandma, Auntie Ali, and my kids and I had plans to camp out at Comlara. It was a stormy night so we ended up at Grandma's house instead. It was much nicer conditions and we had a great time anyway! Reese and Grandpa...
Ali helping Reese with an art project
Grandma bought HUGE marshmallows. Grandpa started a fire and we took out camping chairs. As soon as we were set up, the storm blew in and we ran for the house. We accomplished roasting at least a couple marshmallows and enjoyed s'mores INSIDE!

Each year for science class, my mom finds a monarch caterpillar. She takes them to school for the kids to watch. This year we found extra so we got to watch some "hatch" from the chrysalis at our house. The caterpillars ONLY live on milk weed plants. If you catch the caterpillar and get some of the leaves, the little guy will eat and eat and eat and poop and poop and poop and won't be so little any more. They then travel up to something they can attach onto. He hung in a "J" shape for about 12 hours and then in a matter of minutes he spuns a clear cocoon around itself.
After a few hours, the chrysalis turns bright green with brilliant gold dots that are breathing holes. While in the chrysalis, their DNA breaks down and changes and forms into...
a beautiful butterfly!!!! God is so amazing!!
The flower that I let him go on is a mum. I planted it and within 5 min this is what it looked like. It fell victum to Reese riding the Gator. :(
But ya gotta love her...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Amazing thing

There is a family that I don't even know trying to adopt from China, not 1 but 2 darling boys. They already have 4 boys at home!!

I am a HUGE fan of adoption but do not feel God has lead me in this area as of now. I do love to support others where I can. Here is a link to this family's blog. If you give, you get entered into a drawing for some great prizes and will help change 2 sweet boys' lives!

80's night

I love a good humiliating party. :) I thought it would be fun to host potluck 1980's style. All were great sports (except TARA :)) It brought back a lot of great memories and many ridiculous fashions statements of the era! Thankful to be past some of this! Unfortunately, most of this stuff is coming back into style!!
Remember caboodles?!?!?

Paul was a great sport and let Ari cut a mohawk and stripes into his hair! Hopefully he got it fixed before work this morning!!
Doug and Erin

Philip and Becky--Yes those are stirrup pants and YES they were actually her's from the 80's!! So is the lovely heart belt!
Paul and AriAndy and Amber
Jon and I-- I am pretty sure I owned these jeans in the day
Candice and Michael--as Bret Michaels and fan
Tony and Amanda

I would be very frightened if I met this group on the street

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 2

Jake woke up a little messy from not being trained so he got a bath first thing. He really seemed to enjoy it. This is so much like having a baby. I should keep a baby book of all his "firsts". Then again, maybe I should fill out Reese's first. :(

Reese seems to be adjusting well...

I think they are going to be best friends. When the other kids go to school, Reese and Jake are inseperable.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our new baby boy

Isn't he cute?!??!? I completely feel like a first time mom. I am excited and nervous and have no idea what I am doing. Ali was a bad influence and talked us into adopting a little shih zhu puppy. He is 8 weeks old and I have no clue what I am doing!!!!!!! I have never bathed, brushed, trained, neutered, or hardly walked a dog for that matter! On the farm, our dogs had to learn how to survive. There was no cozy crate in the corner or dog treats and they definitely weren't allowed in the house. What am I thinking?! I am doing everything in my power to not have more kids and I welcome this little bundle into my home willingly. He needs shots and vet appointments and toys and food and then he will pee and poop and wake me up at night...did I mention I don't want another baby. AND instead of a baby, which I would know what to do with, I have NO CLUE HOW TO RAISE A DOG!!! I am sure there will be plenty of posts about the crazy happenings of JAKE! :)

First Jeep ride at Grandma Baner's
Elle is petrified of pretty much every dog in the neighborhood so this is a big step for her. Hopefully, they can grow together and she will learn to like other dogs as well. Our neighbor said recently that she always knows when Buster gets out because she hears Elle's blood curdling scream!

The poor thing was exhausted so I put him in his bed and shut the door. I soon found Elle laying there singing to him.

He had more adventures today than his whole life combined. He rode the Gator and in the wagon and was carried around like a baby most of the day. The poor guy is so tired he is sleeping in my lap. Hopefully we can get into a routine tomorrow!!