Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am not feeling very thankful today...BUT I am CHOOSING to be thankful despite my circumstances. Satan is trying to steal my joy. We had a fantastic weekend where we talked a lot about Holy Discontent. Not discontent in our lives or by what we own or are doing but discontent straight from the Holy Spirit that moves us to action. There have been several times the beginning of this week that I realize that Satan is trying to take my focus off what we learned and focus on this decaying world around us. Today is no different...
Last night, I was taking Jake out for the last time and realized that water was dripping from our light fixture in the kitchen. It is an odd thing to see water coming out of a light. It took me a second to respond and I just stared at it, hardly believing it was real. We checked above the kitchen in the bathroom but saw nothing. It started to sink in that it was probably a pipe in the floor of the bathroom. :(

Thankfully the local plumber came early this morning and I was hoping for an easy fix and on with my day. No such luck. As you can see from the pics, they are upstairs pulling up the floor. He just informed me that the leak is not by the toilet and they just carried a torch up there!!! It is suprisingly similar to the torch that they showed on the screen this weekend when talking about Holy Discontent. Oh Lord, help me to feel YOUR discontent and be CONTENT in my daily struggles!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"The Group"

Katie decided that since no one had invited us to be in an out of town group, she should just start our own! We kept telling ourselves that we weren't the "passed overs" and frequently the statement "We are winners!" was said! She did great pulling everything together and we had a great, relaxing weekend in South Haven, Michigan! Since we are such an extremely creative bunch, we are fondly calling ourselves, "the group".

Bible Study on Sat morning

Kim made fantastic homemade pizzas and we all crammed around this little table for each meal!

Apparently, we were quite riveting...

Amber brought Aiden...and Kim had Kinzy. Aren't they just delicious?!?!?

For Sunday, we visited West Bend and then traveled our separate ways! We are hoping to do a summer get together and include children. I think those pics might prove slightly more interesting! :)

Diapers and Pull Ups and Wipes, Oh my!

One of my favorite things lately is coming home and finding one of these boxes! What a blessing!
I can't believe how many diapers have come through my door! The pic doesn't even do it justice...I will spread them out once I have them all. So far, we have almost 1500 diapers, 150 Pull Ups, and 2400 wipes!!!

Thank you to all who have given!!