Friday, December 3, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

This Thanksgiving, my whole family traveled to Wisconsin Dells for a long weekend! We had a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner of wings, stuffed mushrooms, cheese dip, and all kinds of other really healthy food. :) It was delicious and we didn't even miss the turkey.
Austin is always thinking up something brilliant. He is constantly getting Graham into trouble or making Elle cry or harrassing Reese. Don't be fooled...they dish it right back. My mom always had stories of her brother and the "horrible" things that he did. My kids will always have fond memories of all the things the "uncs" did to them! One of those things just happens to be Austin putting Graham into the sofa bed.

Ha! We all thought it was cute until...
he let Graham and Zach put him in. It took 3 adults to pull the big lug out of the dumb thing. Why are boys so smart?
Brian sporting Mom's sunglasses! Unfortunately, we have to go in public with him sometimes!
"Uncle Zachy" is always up for something fun with my kids. They think he has "Zachy magic" and that he can do ANYTHING!!
Elle's new trick of swimming while doing sign language :)

Having issues with sideways pics! My dad at the pool...

Graham got a moustache at Bingo!

Austin and Reese in the kiddie pool

Reese was so tired from a long weekend of fun!

We had such a fun time and I am thankful that we will have these memories!