Friday, January 14, 2011

jury duty 101

I was called for jury duty for the first time this week. It was really an overall good experience but I had no idea what all went into this! I had to find a sitter for Reese all week of course but didn't realized that I would need before school sitters for the other two! I had to be there at 8:30 which sounded nice but with the snow this week, that meant leaving at 7:30! Yikes! Jon very graciously stayed home a couple mornings to help me out! I also needed a place for the kids each day after school if I was selected for the jury. I thought this wouldn't be too bad! Boy was I wrong!

I should have checked the dates better b/c my mother in law and sister in law are both traveling this week. My mom could watch my kids when she wasn't teaching so at least a couple of days were covered. If it were another week, it would have gone a lot more smoothly! I ended up asking a lot of favors from people and got everything covered.

I didn't have to go in on Monday which was a complete Godsend. I still did my shift at Meadows but at least had some time to recover from the weekend. Then Tuesday I was summoned and ended up getting sent home. Wednesday I was not quite so lucky. I was hoping that since I was questioned all about Jon's grandpa who is a former judge, that they would let me go. No such luck. I was selected. I thought I would have to go back down on Thursday to finish the trial. NOPE!!! They kept us there until 6:30!!! Mind you, they took all electronics STAT when you are selected so I couldn't let anyone know I was stuck! The bailiff let me use his phone to call Jon at supper time to tell him to go p/u the kids at least. I didn't even know they could do that!! I thought we would be able to go when the court house closed at 5:00pm. NOPE!! One ladies trial lasted until 10:00 at night. I guess sometimes you are there until the bitter end! I thought maybe they were doing some sort of social experiment to see how soon we would go crazy or something. (ok that might be a bit dramatic but I felt like a caged rat!!) I finally got out and was really thankful for the experience despite the time issue. It really is quite an interesting process. I was SOOOOO thankful to see I didn't have to go in on Thursday but, alas, I was again there today! ARG!!! The cased ended up dropped or plea bargained or something b/c we didn't have to go through selection again. We were released!

I would definitely do it again. I know it is my responsibility. BUT, next time I will make sure that my family is around that week before I agree to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****THANK you a million times to those of you who helped me out with babysitting this week! I owe you BIG TIME!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Graham had the most amazing luck!! After church, he begged to go to Grandma and Grandpa Romersberger's house for a while. My mom told him it would be boring b/c she was doing a Bible Study on Esther and my dad was going to take a nap. All the way home, he was teasing that he wasn't sure what to a movie, play rock band or help Grandma with Esther. As they pulled in the driveway, a helicopter flew over really low and circled around. My dad's cell phone was ringing and it was a corn grower from Manito that gets his helicopter fixed over this way and had to go pick it up this weekend. He was wondering if Dad wanted a ride. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! Dad and Grham hopped in...still in their church clothes and took off!!!! I was talking to mom on the phone when all this happened and we drove out to see the landing! Once in a lifetime experience!!

It landed right in my parents yard

This thing is brand new. He has his old one for sale if anyone is interested!
The blades were still going so it was windy with the whoo whoo whoo noise. It all felt very surreal!
They flew to Meadows and then around to Lake Bloomington around Gridley to find our house :) and then back to my parents.

I have never been in a helicopter so I was quite jealous! I was so thankful that Graham got this experience. He owns quite a few models and remote-controlled planes and helicopters and has learned how difficult it is to take off without crashing!! It was a great afternoon and he didn't even have to help Grandma with her Bible Study!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bible Study

I have a GREAT group of Bible Study girls that help me stay accountable with my studies themselves AND thoughout my walk with Jesus! We have done some wonderful studies and have grown together and in our spiritual lives. If any of you have a study that you enjoyed, please let me know!! We are always up for suggestions! Even though our group has changed a little over the years, the core has been together for 6 or 7 years! What a blessing! (Can you tell we had a man taking the picture?!)
While I am at Bible Study, my Grandma has graciously volunteered to watch Reese! She has done this for serveral years when it was Elle and Reese together and now invites Pierce, Reese's 2nd cousin along each time! It is amazing to have family close and willing to help out!!