Monday, November 15, 2010


My little Reese is 3! I can't really believe it is true. The only thing that she has ever been into is Dora so that is all she has gotten for gifts for the last couple of years! We have Dora purses, and backpacks, Dora toothbrush and toothpaste, swimming Dora and sleeping Dora and Big sister Dora with the Super Babies and dancing Dora, and the whole Dora house and a Dora playhose with a tunnel and Dora stickers and markers and Water Wow and pj and shirts and shoes and socks and hats and swimsuitsand books and movies. We now have a sleeping bag and cd player and CD and 2 DS games and a caslte for the bathtub and a huge vanity where you can do Dora's hair and a hard doll that you can change her clothes. If it comes with Dora on it, we probably own it. All this and the girl has hardly ever watched TV in her life. I can now get her to sit about 20 min maybe 2 times a week if I am lucky to watch Dora on the computer. I don't know why she is so obsessed but at least it helps make gift ideas easier. I am also thankful that they make all sorts of things with Dora on it so that some of the gifts are a little more practical! :)

We hid the Dora vanity in the closet and I found Graham in there playing with it.

Quite unfortunately, my children haven't discovered that people have really creative mothers that make really great cakes. And the fact that you can BUY a cake has never entered their mind!! So every year, I make a flat cake and decorate it quickly! The truly unfortuate part is that they love it and I am actually quite impressed with myself that you can even tell who it is!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mexico 2010

At the beginning of November, we had the priviledge of traveling to Playa del Carmen, Mexico with Jon's parents and sister and bro-in-law. We felt blessed all the way around but especially to be able to travel with family and REALLY enjoy each other!
Adin would wait on us all day long as we basked in the sun or sat under the umbrellas he would bring out to us. He made us little grasshoppers out of a palm branch.
Wal Mart is always a comfort. It is supposed to be about the same anywhere you go. For the most part that was true but they also have some VERY different things I have never seen around here!! This bread was HUGE and then we gathered that you must cut off a chunk and buy it. It was just sitting right on a table for everyone to touch.
Octopus anyone? The exchange rate was about 12:1 so for under $5 you could own one of these fellows!
Kate and David beside...well...something...
Besides the rather large chap wandering through, this was the gorgeous view from the beach-side restaurant.
The boys ventured out to scuba dive while the ladies stayed on the beach for another day of relaxation. They had a great time and according to Dad, if you start in Cozumel, you are starting at the top! The snorkeling was AWESOME so being down there had to be spectacular!

Jon took us to all kinds of sketchy restaurants where the locals eat. At this place, you got a 1/4 of a chicken with all the fixings and some lime/pepper sauce that no one in their right mind would have touched...we, of course, had to try it and it was REALLY good!! No one got sick all week either!

This restaurant was a meat shop with some tables out front by the road. It was possibly the best food I have ever eaten!
Yummy chorizo with queso!!
Adin, our faithful pool boy
Dad paid for a mariachi band. Look how into it he was! They were really good and it was fun to stand in the street and listen!
Unfortunately, these glasses didn't make the cut! But they did end up with some nice "fauxkleys".

Thank you Dad and Mom for spending your 35th anniversary by taking us on vacation!! I can't wait til your 40th! :)