Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another birthday bash!

Elle and Kelsie(the blonde girl in the front) are only a couple of weeks apart so we had a joint birthday party with a bunch of girls, some princess crowns, cupcakes and punch and tons of presents!

Elle and Kelsie got GREAT gifts! It was really fun! What a fun group of girls! We had a great time without one fight or mishap! Someday this photo will be priceless. Just wait til the Young Group days ladies!

Hillary stayed to play and try out the Wii. She ended up spending the night and instead of running out to get clothes, she just wore Elle's. I dressed them like "twins" for the day! Aren't they cute?!?!?

Birthday Girl

My Elle McBell turned 6 last week and we had a little shindig with the families to celebrate! My mom has a book about when Oscar the Grouch has his best birthday ever with a mud cake with broken candles and his presents are broken toys, a dirty sock and a jar of icky sticky mud. Elle was teasing all week that Grandma was going to get her that stuff for her birthday present. She would laugh about it and then would get serious and say, "Mom! What if she does get me a dirty sock and broken toys! I would just throw them away! What else would you do with them!" Of course, my mom pulled through and gave her the sock and broken toys! Notice the look of disgust! (And the Christmas smiley face tattoo in April that she had on all week!!)

Here is the mud cake! We even sang "Rotten birthday to you, Grouchy Elle" just like Big Bird!

Luckily we had a real cake too! :)

She did get some real gifts too.

Then...drum roll please...we told the kids that the next gift was actually for both of their birthdays and they should open it together. It was... A Wii!!!! I loved their faces!!

I had taken it all out and set it up earlier in the week so that night we could get it running without difficulty. We went to eat lunch at school with Elle on her birthday and Reese said, "Hey Elle, we have a Wii at home!" Luckily Elle just said, "No we don't Reese." Whew! Luckily no one believes a 3 year old! I don't even know how she knew what it was. I didn't even play anything. I made sure everything was hooked up and running and then put it back in the box. Why do kids these days have to be so technological! I should have made her set it up and save myself some time!

Needless to say, family night has become so much more fun!! :)

International Day

Third grade at Gridley brings about the International Day Project. The kids have to pick a country and then research it and fill out a book all about it. Graham picked Mexico of course and did a great job presenting all the information to the parents.

Graham and two classmates sang a song about a Chihuahua! It was hilarious!
They got to use the smartboard. Those things are so neat!!

The poor girl beside Graham kept getting covered up with his giant sombrero and he received a few dirty looks before she scooted over enough to be able to see!!

Isn't he the cutest chico you have ever seen!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Fun

On Saturday the kids begged to take out the slip and slide. It was so hot and they played all afternoon! They even got pink shoulders and cheeks! Yeah for spring!

New things!

We are currently in the process of redoing our kitchen. It has been a long process as Jon is doing all the work himself. I am grateful that he is willing to do it. He is very talented and we have saved a lot of money as well. This weekend, he installed new coutertops, a new sink and new stove top! Yeah! I love new things!! I can't wait until it is all done. We bought some new lights and fan and then are going to look at knobs and paint! Hopefully soon I will be able to do the final product. Stove out...old countertops My dad very graciously offered to help. Things would have been very rough without him! Thanks Dad!

Cooking for the first time! (You can see the possible paint color on the side)

Can't wait to see it all done!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Asparagus Costume?

When we were kids we always said, "Hey mom, I have a report due on Friday and by the way, I need an asparagus costume by tomorrow!" I believe this came from my cousins and I not sure as to the full details but I think this was actually the case and his poor mother spent part of the night concocting an outfit! Oh my...what we won't do for our kids. I sort of felt that panic when Graham said, "Uh...I have a solar system project due in 2 days." Uhh..yeah...let me get right on that! We had to be creative and not just do the typical painted styrofoam balls. Here's what we came up with!

And here is what I was left with...

Oh but it is all worth it, right?!?!? :)

catch up

Gray Daniel Young (Brent and Janelle's) came to my house for the first time. Isn't he adorable?!?! He also shares my birthday so we had a very special bond from the start!!

Family movie night~ Whenever we can eat in the living room it is deemed a party! :)

Reese filled all of my cooking club pans for me! She actually did a pretty good job and it kept her entertained for a long time!
Can you tell we are into funny faces lately?
She must have had a wild night!

Elle got my camera...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Unfortunately it is not something I am giving away. I have thought about this but don't have anything cool enough that someone would want to enter a contest for! :) Thankfully I have friends that are just that cool! My good friends Ryan and Amber Prevo have been talking about adopting/fostering for years. They are finally taking the plunge and are trying to get a little one from Ethiopia!! They are using Ordinary Hero products as a fundraiser and they get 40% if you select their names under "affiliates" in the checkout. They are also giving away 2 FREE T-SHIRTS!! :) Go to their blog and leave a comment and you could be the proud new recipient of one of these super cute Ts!