Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New things!

We are currently in the process of redoing our kitchen. It has been a long process as Jon is doing all the work himself. I am grateful that he is willing to do it. He is very talented and we have saved a lot of money as well. This weekend, he installed new coutertops, a new sink and new stove top! Yeah! I love new things!! I can't wait until it is all done. We bought some new lights and fan and then are going to look at knobs and paint! Hopefully soon I will be able to do the final product. Stove out...old countertops My dad very graciously offered to help. Things would have been very rough without him! Thanks Dad!

Cooking for the first time! (You can see the possible paint color on the side)

Can't wait to see it all done!!

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  1. Love it!! Can't wait to see it over Easter. Only a week and a half...yay! We are so excited to see everyone.

    Dear Elle, have fun on Friday - party like a rock star.

    Auntie Ali