Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walking Time Bomb

Today I feel like a walking time bomb. Every move I make has been analized several times. You see, both of my girls have the stomach flu. Elle started on Monday early morning and was sick most of the day. She then was getting somewhat better and then things did a reversal and started coming out the other end. :( I thought she was better yesterday but she has regained momentum and still had issues all night long and this morning! Ahh! A whole week off of school!

Reese started both ends last night and has been violently sick ALL NIGHT LONG!! Neither of us had much sleep. She has kept some fluids down this morning but is still not at all feeling well!

I think we are going to have a long road ahead of us! I think it should not be allowed that Moms get sick. I am scared to DEATH!! I have been pleading with the Lord to let me stay well. Every ache and pain is cause for panic at the moment. We will see what today brings!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mexico Work Team

We were very privileged to go on a work team to Magdalena, Mexico for a week. We had been down to the orphanage before and Graham had met Fede, our sponsor kid, but we had never had to WORK!! I didn't quite know how it would go! There were 24 of us, mostly Gridleyites and a few others. We were quite the motley crew as well. 3 married couples, 8 singles, 2 junior highers, 1 grade schooler, 1 single mom and 6 people without their spouses along!

Maddison has never been out of Illinois, let alone the country and never on a plane! She had a lot of firsts all in one day!!
Sean and his little ukulele were our cheap entertainment. He brought a songbook entitled, "The daily ukulele" and we felt like we should be laying on the beach in Hawaii! Anyone have any spare change to throw in?!?!The kids at the orphanage have chores and some of those include caring for the many animals on campus. Graham enjoyed the horse...
...and the goats! He and Michael chased the poor little things until they caught a baby for some snuggling.
On Sunday afternoon, we climbed a "hill". It didn't sound so bad. We took off strong and soon realized we were WAY out of shape for this MOUNTAIN!! It really wasn't that bad but of course some of the young ones set the pace and we couldn't let them know we were suffering so on we trudged. By the time I got to the top, I thought I was going to throw up! It was a beautiful view of the city!
The cross at the top of the mountain
On Sunday afternoons, the locals drive down to "river" and sit there like it is the beach. They then drive THROUGH the river- over and over and watch others drive through the water. I guess that when you live in a desert that this is good ol' entertainment! Of course, Bill had to take our big old school bus right through it too!
There is no such thing as a white line in Mexico! :)
Carol was our faithful cook all week and kept us all from losing weight! That would be a shame.
I wish they could have let Matt have the little broom...
Carissa's escuelita (school room)
As the guys were gathering supplies on the first day, us women thought it would be important to "dress the part". Dress your way to success right? That way we would look like we knew what we were doing!
Sean was our fearless leader with the plans for the septic system. We not only had to place the drain pipes in the right place but also at the right grade. If we messed up, the new house would have a mess of their own!!!!
Our Ditch Witch helped start the trenches for the pipe.
This ground was rock hard and there were rocks EVERYWHERE. Every time we dug down we would hit one have have to dig it out before we could continue! It was slow going. THEN Sean would come around with the survey stick and tell us we had to go down 3 more inches. We would officially "unfriend" him until he would finally tell us we had it right! We had a good time digging in the "rocks".
Tuesday night we got to spend some time in town.
Eating at Lupita's, on of the best places down there! Fede showed us around and would translate when necessary!
They brought out grilled onions with the stems still on them. Matt wasn't sure what to do and stuck the whole thing in his mouth! That was hard going down!
Katie Schick, Bill and Joan's daughter, started a coffee shop in town. We went there after supper for drinks. Isn't it CUTE?!?!?
It is called Cafe Sed which means thirsty. On the wall is the verse about coming all who are thirsty and you will thirst no more!
Attached to the coffee shop is Duane Wulf's meat packing plant. Of course Jon couldn't wait to see that. What is vacation if you can't tour food plants, right? Oh wait, you don't do that on vacation... hmmm. I guess you have to be married to a food scientist! :) Duane had just made big sausages that day.
Doug let Graham help drive the back hoe. Thanks DOUG!!!

Fede, his niece Darilese, his sisters Daniela and Jacqui
All the kids sing up front before church. It was so cute. Graham stood up their and looked around since the songs were in Spanish. Doesn't he look amused? He was also not feeling well.
By that night I knew he was really sick and Carissa said she would take us to the doctor in the morning. We had a regular check up, got and antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and Tylenol(in Spanish of course!) all for $10!!Fede made a hat for each of my kids. He also drew us an amazing picture of a horse that we are going to frame and put in Graham's room. It was so great to get to know him better. We pray for him like he is one of the family. He can speak English amazingly well so that helped IMMENSELY! Next time we are down there we hope to be able to speak more Spanish too!

The tile floor that some people put in. It isn't grouted yet but doesn't it look amazing?!?!?
Here comes some grout!
Graham had a great time with the "Wulf pack". He is really going to miss them and will be excited next time we venture down there to see them again! (Hopefully soon if I have anything to say about it!)