Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The first day of school, Reese was convinced that she could go. When the kids left for school, Reese said, "I am five, I go to school" I said, "You are not five and you cannot go to school" She said, "fine...then I go to preschool" Unfortunately, you are not even old enough for preschool yet! Poor girl. She has a long wait ahead!!

Grandma, Auntie Ali, and my kids and I had plans to camp out at Comlara. It was a stormy night so we ended up at Grandma's house instead. It was much nicer conditions and we had a great time anyway! Reese and Grandpa...
Ali helping Reese with an art project
Grandma bought HUGE marshmallows. Grandpa started a fire and we took out camping chairs. As soon as we were set up, the storm blew in and we ran for the house. We accomplished roasting at least a couple marshmallows and enjoyed s'mores INSIDE!

Each year for science class, my mom finds a monarch caterpillar. She takes them to school for the kids to watch. This year we found extra so we got to watch some "hatch" from the chrysalis at our house. The caterpillars ONLY live on milk weed plants. If you catch the caterpillar and get some of the leaves, the little guy will eat and eat and eat and poop and poop and poop and won't be so little any more. They then travel up to something they can attach onto. He hung in a "J" shape for about 12 hours and then in a matter of minutes he spuns a clear cocoon around itself.
After a few hours, the chrysalis turns bright green with brilliant gold dots that are breathing holes. While in the chrysalis, their DNA breaks down and changes and forms into...
a beautiful butterfly!!!! God is so amazing!!
The flower that I let him go on is a mum. I planted it and within 5 min this is what it looked like. It fell victum to Reese riding the Gator. :(
But ya gotta love her...


  1. Loving Reese and Grandpa and the undies pic! Trusting that they were clean ;-)

  2. that grandpa with the undies on his head...whatever is wrong with is no small thing!!! looks like you turned the stormy night into a wonderful memory filled wonderful to have those memories the children will never forget