Monday, September 13, 2010

80's night

I love a good humiliating party. :) I thought it would be fun to host potluck 1980's style. All were great sports (except TARA :)) It brought back a lot of great memories and many ridiculous fashions statements of the era! Thankful to be past some of this! Unfortunately, most of this stuff is coming back into style!!
Remember caboodles?!?!?

Paul was a great sport and let Ari cut a mohawk and stripes into his hair! Hopefully he got it fixed before work this morning!!
Doug and Erin

Philip and Becky--Yes those are stirrup pants and YES they were actually her's from the 80's!! So is the lovely heart belt!
Paul and AriAndy and Amber
Jon and I-- I am pretty sure I owned these jeans in the day
Candice and Michael--as Bret Michaels and fan
Tony and Amanda

I would be very frightened if I met this group on the street


  1. just ran across your blog and had to comment that those outfits are SO horrible. what bad memories. :)

  2. Oh Ashley, that is TOTALLY awesome, like totally rad! (tryn' to go with your theme here!)

  3. this is HILARIOUS!!!! i love dressing up...what a fun idea!!!

    thanks for posting these :)