Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School

My kids are going to a small private school this year. It is the school that I attended and it has brought back many memories!!

Mrs. Hangartener~ The kids have her for some classes and the other teachers for some!

Mrs. Prevo

Mrs. Gerber

Mrs. Romersberger--my mom! :) She has been there every year since I have been in 4th grade!!!! This year's theme was frogs and new beginnings--hence the hat! She doesn't have my kids for any subjects this year but will be there 3 days a week.

1st and 2nd grade girls

Reesey gets to stay home with me! Her and Jake are going to have many adventures! Poor Jake.


  1. Love the pic of Resse and Jake smashed in the locker. Too funny!

  2. that's how i feel about faye and our cat, tiree. it has spared pierce some grief, though. :)

    and i didn't know you went there! learn something new everyday, i guess...

  3. Aww..... Prairie School:) I haven't been in there in forEVER! Hope you have a great school year!

  4. Cute pics! So thankful to have you at PCS

  5. aww, they look so grown up! i love the pic with mom - and of course the one with jake. i was remembering the other day when reese was so scared to get a dog...

    see you all soon!