Friday, July 16, 2010

Princess Party

Elle hosted a princess party for the girls in her Sunday school class. All the girls came dressed up in fancy clothes and we got out our fanciest plates, serving trays and decorations. It was quite girly. Jon was thankful he "had" to leave.

We had a short talk on the fact that every girl dreams of being a princess. There is no chance that we will actually wake up and live in a castle and have maids waiting on us but if we put our trust in God, we can be the DAUGHTER OF A HEAVENLY KING!! How exciting!! It is God's PLEASURE that He adopt us into His family and then we are PRINCESSES!!

We even had a prince. He was a great help. He got "punch" for everyone and helped light the candles. Doesn't he look handsome?

Elle came down in her fancy dress and had a very beautiful accessory!

Our fancy dinner

We did nails...

and hair...

And the finished product...

All the finished princesses!!

Very lady like, don't you think?

Olivia and Hillary
Paige and Raegan


Kaylie and Kelsie

Elle and Reese


  1. Such fun! Cristina is still glowing about it all this morning! And it is great leverage for me to remind her to ACT (not just look) like God's Princess. :-)

  2. ash - that was such a fun sweet night! thanks so much! love the pics!!

  3. aww, how sweet! i love it! i makes me excited to see you all in a couple weeks!!

    auntie ali