Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Familiy Camp 2010

Every year we make the 4 hour trek to Family Camp in Indiana. This year, Graham, Elle, Jon and I drove out with my mom (my dad was de-tasseling corn) We were able to stay in Mom's pop-up camper, which is about as roughing it as I get.

When I was a kid, we would go to camp and play soccer and frisbee football from Thursday to Sunday and be hot and sweaty and not very hungry. We would stay up ridiculously late and sleep in the cabins. Now, however, I get to skip the teen camp part, show up in time for supper on Friday and for the rest of the weekend, we sit and eat. No more frisbee or soccer. No more hot and sweaty. No more cabins. No more staying up til insane hours. I now have the beautiful excuse that my kids will be cranky if we do not get to bed early. We stay in the camper all by ourselves and get dressed in peace. I get to sit at the lake and watch the kids swim instead of running ALL day long. I hardly ran at all this weekend, in fact. I am really feeling old. I told myself that I would NEVER be one of the lame mom's that sat on the sideline when there were games to be played. I am VERY HAPPILY the lame mom now. There is really no point in running. Which brings us to the meals that I was never very hungry for after running all day. Now, I am sitting at camp so I get hungry. I eat a full plate for every meal. It is really quite ridiculous.

It is really fun to see our kids enjoying camp now. Graham has all sorts of friends that he can't wait to see the next year. Elle made a great friend this year--Kiera. Kiera's aunt even got Elle to sing in the talent show. They did "The wise man built his house upon the rock" When they got to the end, they sang "and the house on the sand went..." Elle said right into the mic, "I don't know!"

Graham getting ready to go on the lake with a friend. They spent about 10 minutes in the reeds by the sid of the lake and decided kayaks were a good idea. They had much better luck with those.

Elle and Kiera

Susan and Carolyn kept Reese while we were gone. (Thanks guys!) They said she took naps and was good. I know Elle didn't get enough sleep and soon it was evidenced that they were both in need of a nap!!

Can't wait til next year!!

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  1. Makes me sad that we missed. Looking forward to next year, I guess :-)

    Your potty training picture is too funny!