Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Doing Corn

What exactly do you "do" to corn, you might ask? The Knapp's got together to freeze corn last week.

Elle during the picking process
Kate trying not to think about what creatures were hiding in the field
Grandpa Knapp came up with an invention to help speed along the process. Instead of brushing the silks off by hand, he cut off a baby bottle brush and stuck it in the drill. It would spin the silks right off. Graham and Mason thought it was pretty great to get to use a tool.

Awww shucks...

Isn't he cute?!?! It also makes me laugh b/c he always gets corn silks covering his glasses from the drill!

Grandma getting the corn ready for bagging
The corn gets cooked and then put in these tubs to cool. The kids thought that they should cool down as well!
Cutting the corn off the cob

Ta Da!! The finished product. We did 11 bushel of corn and got 110 quarts. Not bad for a morning!

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