Sunday, August 8, 2010

Overnight with Ali

Ali invited us to come to a movie in the park, spend the night and then go to the zoo the next day! My kids think that anything with Ali is the best.

Don't they look excited to go! Actually, this is when we were having a little van trouble on the side of the road. They were not impressed. Soon I figured out that we actually ran out of gas! Can you believe in this day and age that someone could run out of gas!! There was a sunglasses case in front of my gauge and gas light. Bummer. Thankfully, Ali called Holly, and Will came to the rescue with some gas!! Thanks guys!!
Only Aunties have cupcakes with sprinkles that the kids can put on themselves...

What a crew! It was fun to be with A. Denise and Sue and some of the Thames/Schroeders joined us. It was a great chaotic supper!!

Little Arawen loved her cupcake!
Movie in the park. It was $0.50 to get in to see Monsters and Aliens on the big screen! How fun!
Reese was convinced she was 16. She sat by Suzanna for a while...
...then started bugging Hannah...
...then got by Caralee too! Once I looked down and Reese was watching Hannah, who was watching the movie! Yikes! At least the Thames girls are wonderful role models so I hope Reese looks up to them as she gets older!!
The kids playing with Brian's Bible study materials. (sorry Brian!) I think Elle was preaching and Graham was typing in words and the machine was pronouncing them. I am thinking we have been very effective birth control for them! :)

When my kids have the camera, people make great faces b/c they think that they may get deleted. No such luck, Ali! You make me laugh.

Peoria zoo. We happened to go on FREE day! Yeah!! It is a great zoo and a fun day with Grandma and Ali. It was heat index of 107. We spent a lot of time in the fountain. Unfortunately my camera died and missed the soaking kids but we had a great time despite the oppressive heat! Reese's favorites were these little creatures. I don't know what they even were. They were at her level and the first time one came running at the glass, she high-tailed it back to me whining! She soon learned they couldn't get her and sat there for a long time waving at them. She kept saying, "Hey, buddy buddy buddy" over and over.
The ever famous wing span. Miller Park zoo doesn't have this any more. I have pics of it from when I was a kid. I was sad to see it was gone. At least we can still do it in Peoria!!

Thanks for a fantastic get away, Ali! The kids will remember this for a long time! It is so special to have you guys close by and I am so thankful for the example you guys are to them. We love you!!

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  1. That was a seriously fun day! Oh, and just so you know, the 2nd pic of me is singing during Elle's "church service". Love you guys!!