Monday, October 4, 2010


Jake had his first vet appt this morning! He did great! He is now 4 lbs 12 oz. The doc said everything looks good. He got a vaccine and he will be tired and might run a fever today. I would like to know how on earth I am supposed to check if he has a fever!! I am a nurse but there are just somethings where I have to draw the line!!!!! I also recently found out that he will lose his baby teeth and get adult teeth! Are you joking me??!?! This is nuts. I can't really believe how much I feel like a first time mom again. I also can't believe how much I have fallen in love with this little guy. He comes running up to me and puts his little paws up and my heart just melts. When I pick him up, he nuzzles in and gives me a doggy hug. It is really quite pathetic. I think this is something on the list of things that I would NEVER do in my life. Never say never.

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  1. He is soooooo cute! And I really don't like dogs!