Saturday, June 19, 2010

Walking in Parklands

Deer tracks! (Uncle Brian would be so proud!)

Reese was a trooper! Her little legs just kept going! Unless there was something interesting to look at, of course.

Stopping to eat lunch

We found a dragon fly that had just molted. The skin is beside it and then in my hand in the next picture. I had never seen that before!!

We had so much fun exploring. My kids kept taking pic of EVERYTHING so this is just a few. It started raining at the very end and we were very glad to see the van. Reese had to be carried for a little way because she said, "My shoes are tired." It was a great way to spend the morning!!

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  1. ash - what a fun day! i should take my kids out there...though i'd probably lose one of them along the way!! :) LOVE reese's comment. very sweet!